The sandals have returned

So many people know that I am a sandal guy. I even wore sandals to two weddings this past summer. This winter Bridgit and I surveyed the pile of Chacos that we had and decided which ones needed some love. We decided to send in 3 of the 5 pairs we had for repair and to return a pair to REI because I hated the toe loop on the Z/2 style.

The cool thing is that chaco can repair and refurbish sandals and make them like new for less price and waste then pitching them and getting a new pair. To get three pairs back into new condition it was only slightly more then buying a pair new. Though a complete repair is about what you can get them for on end of season sales, which is how we got a few of ours.

We each had a pair that was the brink of falling apart. My black pair had webbing that was almost completely worn through (I must have rough toes) and a grove worn under the balls of my feet It got new straps and sole. Bridgit had a pair where the soles had almost worn through and had some worn webbing they got new straps and soles too. Then I had a newer pair that only got the main strap replaced.

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