Knives for Emergencies

I recently finished a batch of knives. Some were for gifts, but every once in a while you have to make something for yourself. I decided to whip up a pair of PFD (aka life jacket) knives for the wife and I. Sometimes when paddling it is important to have a knife close at hand. It could be something like fishing line string across the river, or could be that you are tangled in a rope underwater. In either case a knife that is easy to get to can save the day (or your life). I always have a folding knife clipped to my pocket, but to have something right on my chest that just needs to be pulled out should work well.

I must admit I copied the design a bit, but not exactly. I went with a sheep-foot blade and the other a claw shape. I had to rush to finish them, and made the sheaths two nights before leaving on vacation (a canoe trip). There is still a bit of finish work to knock out before I can call them done, but they worked well on our trip.

The sheaths hold the blades in securely. So secure in fact that Bridgit asked me if there was some trick to get it out. The sheath is then securely affixed to the PFD lash tab with a couple of sex screws, so it won’t fall off.

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