The Garage: Belts

On of my hobbies is knife making, so sometimes the garage turns into a giant ball of metal dust. The tools can be be tucked out-of-the-way, but all those pesky belts end up littered around the shop. I keep 2 sizes in about 6 different grits and I used to store them on some pegboard above the workbench, but it took up a bunch of valuable wall space.

The Belt Rack

I looked for some options, but didn’t really find anything that fit my needs. Then I remembered seeing a post online about someone who used magnetic strips to hold tools, but not on the wall. He put them on the garage door. GENIUS!!! Using some 1 1/2″ PVC and some 2x3s I had lying around I cam up with a solution.

They are accessible with the door open or closed and are now living in a space that would have been wasted.  I love it.

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