Old Gear Review: Campmor 300 weight Fleece Jacket

This fleece isn’t new, or even still available. I wanted to share my experience with it anyway. I bought this in the fall of 1995. Yes I am reviewing a 16 year old jacket. It has served me well, and I only bought a new one last year. I have a feeling that this one will still get used. Good quality fleece lasts a long time, and wearing out isn’t a big problem like with a shell jacket that can lose it waterproofing. I am on my 4th shell jacket that I have used with this fleece.

Back in the day Campmor had clothing with their brand on it. You didn’t get a fancy brand name, but got a good article or clothing with some top end features for a good price. I wanted a 300 weight Polartec jacket and this one was a good deal. I seem to remember paying $39 for it. It has pit zips for good venting and has kept me warm when I needed it.

This jacket hasn’t been perfect though. Right away, the flap that backs the zipper kept getting snagged when zipping the jacket, so my mother (I was only a freshman in high school at the time) ran a couple lines of stitching down the flap and that took care of that. Also a few years ago I was having issues with the sleeves being too short. Not sure if they got shorter or I got longer arms. Anyway, I added some fleece to the cuffs to extend them.

This jacket has kept me warm for many years, and still has more life left in it. I hope all my jackets last this long.

One thought on “Old Gear Review: Campmor 300 weight Fleece Jacket

  1. Hi Tom! What a wonderful ode to an loved piece of gear. I too love my old fleeces. I’ve even repaired a zipper or two because I love them so much. That is why is I was really disappointed to learn that fleece – especially fleece recycled from old pop bottles – is polluting our oceans. Apparently, the little plastic fibres break off in the wash and are poisoning our oceans. So sad! I’m still using my old fleece but will be looking at my wool pieces again too. Especially for new purchases.

    That being said, please accept my apology for not having seen your comment on an old post of ours. It was to do with our oil. I have finally replied to you here: http://badger-canoe-paddles.blogspot.com/2011/06/badger-wood-oil-why-hemp.html Again, sorry for the wait and keep up the great posts!

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