Drawn in different directions.

I have a few hobbies, and I tend to cycle between them. I love having a project, and making something. Craft wise they fall into three main categories: metal, wood, cloth.

Yeah I know, that pretty much runs the whole spectrum. They all boil down to the outdoors and here is how: knives, canoes, and outdoor gear. Usually I flow between them. I get too focused to do anything else. Right now it is too cold to work in the garage, and because of basement renovations there is no sewing area or inside work area. I have pretty much been focused on the basement, but since it is wrapping up my mind wanders to other projects.

Knives: There are a few knives I have been wanting to make. Also some that I need to make. Most recently I made a couple cheese knives, but that was a few years ago. I hope I get to spend a good bit of time grinding this spring/summer.

Canoes: This one has been on hold for a while. I haven’t been pining for a new one and have kinda given up on making paddles for the time being.

Sewing: I would like to work on a small pack for me. Also a smaller portage pack to accompany the larger one I made a while back.

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