Broken Chaco’s, broken heart

Yesterday I noticed I had a huge crack in one of my sandals! This pair is my “newer pair” that are 5 years old, but restrapped in 2008. This morning I filled out the form to send them in for repair (or maybe replacement). I noticed that the shipping address was in Rockford MI. Weird, they were based and made in Colorado. Some searching and it would seem that in 2009 Chaco was sold to Wolverine (who also owns Merrel and Hush Puppies) and the company was being kept intact. That was good news, then I found out that later in 2009 they laid off all the Chaco people and moved production to China.

That makes me sad….

Drawn in different directions.

I have a few hobbies, and I tend to cycle between them. I love having a project, and making something. Craft wise they fall into three main categories: metal, wood, cloth.

Yeah I know, that pretty much runs the whole spectrum. They all boil down to the outdoors and here is how: knives, canoes, and outdoor gear. Usually I flow between them. I get too focused to do anything else. Continue reading

Am I going loony?

There are some places around SE Michigan that is less then hospitable to canoeing due to motorboat traffic. I love canoeing some of these places, but it is really only worth doing outside of the Memorial-Labor Days window. A couple weekends ago Bridgit, Eli, and I paddled Highland and Halfmoon lakes in the Pinckney area. We were paddling along the north end of Halfmoon and I saw a bird dive under the surface. It came up behind us and it was a Loon. I have never seen one this far south, but I am certain that it was a loon. I must have caught it on it's way south.

I took it as a good sign. Too bad Eli was asleep.