Replacment Chaco’s are here!

After my “new” (5 years old) Chaco Sandals got a cracked footbed I had sent them in for warranty replacement.

Yesterday I came home to a box of new Chaco Sandals waiting for me. I went with the new-lighter sole type (Yampa) to give them a try. My first impressions are good. I like the new footbed that is narrower at the heel. The biggest surprise is the weight. Compared to my really old pair (2 generations ago foot bed with newer unaweep sole) the new ones are 1 7/8 oz lighter per foot. The weight should be less dramatic compared to the failed pair that had a previous generation and somewhat lighter foot bed.

Using the average of about 2000 steps per mile that is 3750 less pounds for my feet to lift per mile. That is some big savings.

Give me some time to try them out and stay tuned for an old vs. new Chaco smackdown. When I sent my sandals in for replacement I found out that they are being made in China now instead of Colorado. It will be interesting to see how the new ones hold up compared to my really old (8 years but on new soles and straps) that are just now showing problems with the foot bed around the heel.

Broken Chaco’s, broken heart

Yesterday I noticed I had a huge crack in one of my sandals! This pair is my “newer pair” that are 5 years old, but restrapped in 2008. This morning I filled out the form to send them in for repair (or maybe replacement). I noticed that the shipping address was in Rockford MI. Weird, they were based and made in Colorado. Some searching and it would seem that in 2009 Chaco was sold to Wolverine (who also owns Merrel and Hush Puppies) and the company was being kept intact. That was good news, then I found out that later in 2009 they laid off all the Chaco people and moved production to China.

That makes me sad….