Preparing for Zombies….or just life.

Laundry and freezer on left, new shelves on right, old shelves center

As part of our basement remodel that took place over the winter we also redid the laundry room. It wasn’t a total remodel just a wall where there wasn’t one before and some new storage.

We used to have shelves under the stairs that stored all the junk we never use, but I took those out. To shelve all exiled kitchen and pantry stuff I put up some BRODER shelves from IKEA. I had looked for something similar, but couldn’t find anything at a price I liked and then found them on the Ikea web site. Total cost was about $100 since I reused 1×12 boards that were part of the old shelves. After purging everything we haven’t used since we moved in the rest went on the new shelves. Now we can actually see what we have and get to it easily.

The metal shelves along the far wall came with our house and used to hold paint cans, old light fixtures, and other miscellaneous stuff in another part of the basement. Now they hold lots of food. The wood wine racks hold about 50 bottles and are pretty full now. Along the floor are 5 gallon buckets of grains (oats, rice, lentils, etc.) and milk crates of potatoes and squash from the garden (empty now). Notice all the Jars? They are mostly empty now, but canning season is almost here. We used to store empty jars in boxes, but I got tired of storing them. This year they are going back on the shelf empty. Then we fill them and put them back on the shelf. That way I don’t need to store them in two locations.

As you have probably figured out we buy a bit of bulk

In a pickle

Last night we made a batch of pickles up. We have had 20lbs. of cucumbers so far this year and we had to do something with them. We did some spears, but mainly slices. We had some extra room in the second batch so we did a quart of zucchini and one of yellow squash. Three pints went into the fridge but we are supposed to wait at least five days before eating them. I think I can put the canning things away for a week or so. Pickles were a good excuse to see what we have in the way of jars and lids.

Here they come

And so it begins…

We got our first red tomatoes today. This week I decided to try and track how much our garden produced. We have been eating green beans for a couple weeks now, so I will estimate those. All I know is that we are going to have lots of tomatoes, and eggplants (we have already eaten about 15 of those) and peppers, and who knows what else.

Time to get the pressure canner out.

The Garden Annex

Last year we decided that our yard didn’t have enough room for all the stuff we wanted to plant, and still have some yard. We decided to get the garden at my parents house back in shape. This year it has expanded (to about 60′x60′)and we are growing more densely.

Our first change was to move our bean production to our home garden. Beans require too regular picking to keep up with when the garden is a half hour away. We added potatoes this year (4 varieties-including blue), so far they seem to be doing great. In the past (before I can remember) my folks had problems with potato bugs. We will see how it works out. We are doing almost all our tomatoes at home because of tomato worms. We haven’t had problems at home, but they decimated the plants at my folks. We have also planted two quarts of onion sets one yellow and one red. The potatoes and onions are so reassuring to see after planting seeds for the other stuff. It is nice to see foot tall plants.

Another cool thing we are trying is the 3 Sisters method of co-planting beans, corn, and squash in mounds. Right now they look like dirt moguls on flat ground with small corn shoots coming out of the top.

We spent the afternoon yesterday mostly weeding. I also planted a third phase on carrots. Phase 2 is just peeking out and phase 1 are a few inches tall and also got weeded over the weekend.



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The Baconator is actually the suckinator

Sure, I like bacon as much as the next guy but the Baconator from Wendys is really, really bad. Worse yet it replaced the Big Bacon Classic.

We went there for lunch a few weeks ago and I thought I would give it a chance. What I got was two patties, a bunch of Wendy's lame excuse for bacon and melted cheese. There was no lettuce or tomato or onion. It was not pleasant to eat this sandwich because it was so heavy.

The BBC was a nice blend of veggies and meat which combined to form a great sandwich. I looked up the nutrition info and the Baconator is almost twice as bad for you as the BBC.

Calories 830
Total fat 51g

Big Bacon Classic
Calories 580
Total fat 29g

There is a petition to save the BBC here.

NOTE: some people have reported that the BBC is still available in the speciality sandwiches section of the menu.