We are still alive…

…despite the thunderous silence from my blog the past couple months. It has been a crazy new year so far at home/school/work. I started and finished a project over this past weekend I thought I would share.

The basement stairs had one side open. The only railing was a 2×4 handrail, and we were worried about kids falling out the side. I will add a more detailed post later (hopefully). I also still need to paint.

I tallied the total cost last night.

  • Tools: $49
  • Materials: $89

That is what I bought. I ended up a bunch of cable and  Spax screws left over for future projects. The bolts you see are elevator bolts that I had left over from another project.

As you can see there is still some organization yet to do. That is a future project.

Basement Remodel

So a long time ago we planned to finish our basement. Unemployment put a hold on that plan, but we both got were re-employeed. This fall we ramped into full swing. Before Thanksgiving I did some electrical prep adding lights and painted the ceiling black. Then the day after Thanksgiving we had a big order of materials delivered. Continue reading

In a pickle

Last night we made a batch of pickles up. We have had 20lbs. of cucumbers so far this year and we had to do something with them. We did some spears, but mainly slices. We had some extra room in the second batch so we did a quart of zucchini and one of yellow squash. Three pints went into the fridge but we are supposed to wait at least five days before eating them. I think I can put the canning things away for a week or so. Pickles were a good excuse to see what we have in the way of jars and lids.